Men's Program

Men's Program

Maybe he’s your Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Friend
Maybe he’s You…   Wanting the turmoil to end
We can help you return to managing life
on life’s terms, sober.

Our 12-18 month residential program has been the start of a new life for thousands of men since our doors first opened in 1971. We provide 24/7 staff support, daily 12-step meetings and community support services for fourteen chemically dependent men, 18 years of age or older. Residents develop good health and work habits and live cooperatively with one another. Residents are encouraged to integrate their recovery with family, community and career on a practical, day-to-day basis.  Men in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol enter our program to gain necessary tools to lead a sober, productive and healthy life.

Wilson House

As an extension of our 12-18 month residential program, long-term residency of up to two years is available for men who continue to need a supportive living environment.  This continuum of care is a self-run, self-supporting home to four adults that are encouraged to develop the skills, confidence and independence which will further them in their recovery process.  By living with fellow alumni, residents in our extended housing program live with their own support group, thereby reducing the risk of relapse over the long term. This program assists residents to establish a strong foundation of recovery based on implementing newly learned recovery tools of self-responsibility and accountability within their lives. 

Women's Program

Women's Program

Sugar & spice & everything nice…
Maybe she’s your DaughterSisterMotherWife...
or maybe it’s You with all of the strife
We can help you return to sober living, one day at a time.

Our 12-18 month program is a structured and individualized residential program which provides 24/7 staff support, on-site recovery programming, daily 12-step meetings and community support services for six females, ages 18 years and older. Residents make connections with community resources and work individually on their long-term goals. A return to work is a focus, with initiatives in place for women to obtain job skills and seek employment. Women in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol enter our program to gain necessary tools to maintain sobriety and rebuild their life.

Linda’s House

Women in recovery for chemical dependence, with the need to heal from the trauma of domestic violence and are homeless or at risk of homelessness, qualify for our long-term residential recovery program. Three women may reside in this home for up to two years. These women participate in the daily operation of the house, and are responsible for contacting appropriate agencies and professional services needed to meet their recovery goals. Each resident’s individualized program is focused on developing skills required to maintain a healthy lifestyle, become gainfully employed and work on their recovery. This sober living house provides a safe and secure environment where residents practice their new life skills in a less structured residential support program.

Women's Program

Women With Children Program

Baby dolls & Teddy bearsToy trucks, Giggles & Grins
Become the motivation for the courage to try again.
We can help you return to being the parent your child needs.
They’re worth it, and so are You.

Our program is targeted for four women ages 18 yrs. and older, with their dependent children, who are in need of structure to maintain sobriety and be a healthy and nurturing mother. An average length of stay is 12-18 months. We offer support for our residents and their families with a focus on their young children. We help women make positive lifestyle changes on their journey to being a sober, healthy parent. We provide access to services which offer specialized children's and parenting programs. We assist the resident to structure a system of care so she can continue with her normal parenting life activities during this healing process. With the guidance offered in our care and among other peers, residents find the courage and strength to embrace a clean and sober lifestyle, and become the parent their children deserve.


“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.”
-M. Scott Peck