Ours is a story of everyday miracles...

A sober day reflected in phone calls, commitments, promises made and kept.  Menu’s thoughtfully created, groceries purchased and meals created by household members.  Sobriety groups, 12-step meetings and Higher Power conversations that direct folks into doing the next right thing, one moment at a time.

Not so amazing to some, but to the folks who have entered our Fellowship Home there is a keen awareness of true miracles… for these are folks that have lived a life of despair created by an addiction which tears at one’s spiritual core.

Here are some thoughts, reflections and stories - of life changing moments that have taken place in their lives, since beginning their recovery journeys at the
Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home:

"I came to the Mid Ohio Valley Fellowship Home on October 14, 2008. 23 Years old with no where left to turn, because addiction had tore through my life.
I thought my life was over, alcohol and drugs had taken over my life. My parents didn't want me around their house, friends didn't want me around, I didn't even want to be around myself.

Walking through the Mid Ohio Valley Fellowship home doors was the beginning of the end of life and has been a life changing event…one that still impacts my life today, through the friends and people I met while I was there and the recovery I gained. The staff and former residents made me feel part of something much greater than mself. I leaned about recovery and gained tools that I use on a dailey basis and my life has never been the same.

Living my life sober, I now have a wonderful relationship with my parents and some real friends. I am able to be an honest and reliable member of society.
I am living instead of just existing. I continue to grow in my recovery and prosper as a young adult. I have returned to school to get an education. I am in my 5th quarter of College. I have direction and focus in my life. 

The Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home has given me a basis on which my recovery journey started. Not only has recovery given me a new life but a life worth living. I am not sure if any of this would have been possible with out the help of Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home's staff and former residents.
I am truly grateful today for the knowledge and foundation I gained at the Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home."
  ~Jeramiah F.

"We were merely going through our daily lives as we helplessly watched our daughter's life spin out of control, down a path of personal destruction.
The Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home helped us realize that there was hope for our daughter's future.
Through your careful loving guidance and supportive structured environment that is fostered 24 hours a day, you have worked your magic. You have formed interpersonal relationships with the individual residents that have helped to develop a personal trust as they move through their recovery.

Each phone conversation and visit with our daughter was a breath of hope. She has been allowed to grow, to ask questions, been given responsibilities, saw consistent consequences for actions, has examined her attitude and has made adjustments.   She has embraced the twelve step program and is working her steps with the guidance of the MOVFH and an awesome sponsor.

 MOVFH has given us support. All members of the staff have been encouraging; they communicate frequently and are always true to the program.

Parents need to become active in support programs so that they too can recover and be supportive as well.  We must remember to take our child's recovery one day at a time.  Thank you MOVFH for all you have done and will continue to do.  You have our support in any way we can give it." ~ Marty and Jack B.

"Before coming to the Fellowship Home, I'd had things that most consider fulfilling: a devoted husband, a beautiful family and home, and exciting career. But like many residents, my life was out of control and I felt broken and empty inside. I'd always longed for something or someone to fill the void in my soul.
The Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home provided a warm, loving, safe environment for me to focus on the spirituality that I so desperately needed as a part of my recovery. Slowly my children came to live with me at the Fellowship Home and they, too, learned what was important for their mom to be healthy. I learned to incorporate my four children into my new life of recovery. I'm back to being a mom, wife and most importantly; a RECOVERING addict.
My gratitude is abundant to those who work at MOVFH for the endless hours of guidance, support and unconditional love that my family and I received while living there. I have very wonderful and fond memories of my stay at the Fellowship Home, for me and my family."
~Cristi K.

"I arrived at the MOVFH in September, 2004.  I knew if I went back to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio I would not have a chance of sobriety.  I was defeated by alcohol when I arrived in Parkersburg~ but the cunning, baffling, powerful disease I have, wanted to run and drink.  By the Grace of God~ I kept my feet planted and stayed~ I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired!
I decided to put action into my program (with the help of an awesome sponsor) ~ and finally did a 4th step~ and then a 5th!  The fellowship home was a peaceful, safe, and encouraging environment for me to do the initial action my program so desperately needed.
I don’t think I made one decision about my program~ I literally listened to other amazing women for the direction I needed.  After all, my best decisions got me to a spiritually bankrupt lifestyle~ anything was better than the way I was living.
I thank God for the MOVFH~ for allowing me the opportunity to heal and WORK at a solid foundation in my journey of recovery.  I was ready to get sober~ and God put me in Parkersburg, WV to do just that!
I will always remain in contact with the Fellowship Home~ I recently celebrated 6 years of continuous sobriety~ and my life is better than I ever dreamed possible!
With God as my guide~ and ACTION everyday toward my recovery~ life will only continue to get better~ can’t wait!"
   ~Mary A.

"I’m a former resident of the Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, Inc. (MOVFH). I came here because alcoholism had beaten me into a state of utter hopelessness, and I knew without help, I’d succumb to this disease sooner or later. I was putting drinking ahead of everything else, to the detriment of my health, my future and my son.
When I got to MOVFH, I was broke, jobless, out of school, not allowed to see my child, and without hope for a future. In six months time here, I’ve learned life skills- concepts like responsibility, maturity, economizing, setting goals, etc. – and put them to practical use. I now have two jobs and a shared parenting plan with my son’s mother. I’m back in school. And I have hope- that I can be a positive influence on my son’s life and a productive member of society. All of these achievements have been direct results of following the recovery model the MOVFH has in place."
- Ben

“I will forever be grateful to everyone at the Fellowship Home, more than words could ever express!  Everyone helped me to grow and change so much.  I’ll never forget the things you’ve taught me, especially how to be honest with myself and enjoy life clean and sober.” – Rebecca

"I entered The Mid Ohio Valley Fellowship Home the end of September 2005 the most afraid that I had ever been in my entire life. Approximately three years had passed simply wishing and hoping to be finished with my life.
This proved to be very slow and indescribably painful. The mental anguish involved with having lost everything, including even my desire for life itself, became positively unbearable. I could not understand why. Alcohol had been an ally for most of my adult life, but now when I needed it most it failed me in every aspect. I could not quit. I could not even die.
Finally, I walked up the stairs at 1030 George Street with more fear than I had ever imagined possible. Everybody at the Fellowship Home was crazy and had no idea exactly how sick I truly was - Or so I thought. As it proved out, I was the crazy one and they were perfectly and completely aware all along just how sick I was. In the months that I stayed at MOVFH, I was guided and given the opportunity to find a reason to live again. I came in that time to call this house, MY HOME.

Approximately three and one half years have now passed and today, I feel good… being alive is good. My children and I are growing close again and I have come from a person that was totally unemployable to a person holding a management position. My recovery began detoxing in a hospital and even though my visits there failed, a message was delivered that brought me eventually to God, who in turn brought me to MOVFH and back to a meaningful life. 
Thank you very much !!!!!" 
- Rick

"On January 9 2004, I entered the Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home. I had spent the past year trying to drink and drug myself to death. I had lost my job, my home, and custody of my 3-year-old son. I felt that MOVFH was my last chance. I could not stop using on my own. The house soon became my safe haven. It was the constant encouragement of staff to not give up, when everything in me wanted to. They loved me when I hated me. I spent seven months there, rebuilding my life and preparing for the real world again.

It has now been over 5 years since I had to drink or drug. Tears fill my eyes every time I think about how good it has gotten. I am so blessed. Within the first year of sobriety, I had my own place, a job, and full custody back of my son. I also now have a little girl. I kept a job for three years (a record for an ex-drunk like me) and left to go back to school. I am in my second semester and I work at the college as well. There was a time I would go weeks without smiling, I smile all the time now. I have bad days, don't we all, but nothing compares to the feelings I felt when I first entered the house. Thank God for the fellowship home. My mother, my son, my friends have me back due to what MOVFH did for me." - Lynann

"After 17 years of continuous sobriety, I relapsed for 3 years.

After losing everything - mostly hope- I know now by the grace of God and the Fellowship Home, I was given an opportunity for a new life.

With the support, guidance and understanding of MOVFH, my life is better than I could have hoped.  They gave me the tools to never give up.

MOVFH saved my life."    -Laura

“Out of difficulties grow miracles.”
-Jean de la Bruyere