Men's Program

Maybe he's your son, brother, husband, father, friend...
Maybe he's you...
Wanting the turmoil to end... We can help you return to
managing life
On life's terms... Sober.

Women's Program

Sugar & Spice and everything nice...
Maybe she's your mother, daughter, sister, wife...
Or maybe it's you...With all of the strife...
We can help you return to sober living... One day at a time.

With Children

Baby Dolls & Teddy Bears...Toy Trucks, Giggles and
Become the motivation
For the courage to try again
We can help you return to being the parent your child needs
They're worth it, and so are you.

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them"

~Galileo Galilei~

Touching lives...Changing the Future...Making a difference...
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Referrals are accepted from any agency or organization serving chemically dependent people. Self-Referrals are accepted provided no intoxication has occurred in the previous 72 hours. Any man or woman expressing a sincere desire to stay sober may be eligible for placement.


We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with caring individuals, who are themselves a true testimony to the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

We are governed by a board of directors.

About Us

Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home is a place to begin a new life. We have served the community since 1971. We are a transitional living facility that offers, five safe, sober, supportive homes, for folks to loosen the grips of addiction within their lives.

Here you will find a warm, home-like setting bring hope. healing and spiritual growth. In our homes poeple learn to trust themselves again, growing in understanding that long-term recovery is not just a goal... It's a way of life.

Our Mission

"To provide a safe, supportive, nurturing environment from people who suffer from alcoholism or other chemical addiction. To allow sufficient time to allow for withdrawal, develop a personal recovery program and plan for re-entry into the community, work, or family."

As a residential recovery program for men, women, and parents with dependent children, our program is individually designed to strengthen your opportunity to regain control of your life. During your residence you will find inner peace, and meaningful, respectful relationships with others.

Our Philosophy

Our belief is that alcoholism and addiction is a chronic, progressive, and fatal disease with psychological, environmental and often genetic factors. We believe the 12-step program Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are spiritual programs that positively impact one's life in a very profound sense.

Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home is a special place where we will help you achieve freedom from addiction. As you are surrounded by those who understand the nature of this illness and recovery process, you can experience hope and healing.

"Most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."

~Dale Carnegie~

Did You Know

Some great facts about us.
People Helped
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Our Programs

Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home

Provides a residential recovery program for people who struggle with substance abuse issues. We offer 5 safe, sober homes for me, women, and parents with children, providing a supportive community where recovery takes place in order to achieve long term sobriety.

3/4 House

Our 6-18 month program has been the star of a new life for thousands of men since our doors first opened in 1971. We provide 24/7 staff support, daily 12-step programs and community support services for 14 chemically dependent men, ages 18 years and older. Residents develop good health and work habits and live cooperatively with one another. Residents are encouraged to integrate their recovery with family, community, and career on a practical day-to-day basis. Men in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol enter our program to gain necessary tools to lead a sober, productive, and healthy life.

As an extension of our 6-18 month residential program, long-term residency for up to two years is available for men who continue to need a supportive living environment. This continuing care is a self-run, self-supporting home to four adults that are encouraged to develop the skills, confidence and independence which will further them in their recovery process. By living with fellow program graduates, residents in our extended housing program live with their own support group, thereby reducing the risk of relapse in the long term. This program assists residents to establish a strong foundation of recovery based on implementing newly learned recovery tools of self-responsibility and accountability within their lives.

3/4 House

Our 6-18 month program is a structured and individualized residential program which provides 24/7 staff support, on-site recovery program, daily 12-step meetings and community support services for 6 females, ages 18 and older. Residents make connections with community resources and work individually on their long-term goals. A return to work is a focus, with initiatives in place for women to obtain job skills and seek employment. Women in recovery for drugs and/or alcohol enter our program to gain the necessary tools to maintain sobriety and rebuild their lives.

Women in recovery for chemical dependence, with the need to heal from the trauma of domestic violence and are homeless or at risk of homelessness, qualify for our long-term residential recovery program. Three women may reside in this home for up to two years. These women participate in the daily operation of the house, and are responsible for contacting appropriate agencies and prefessional services needed to meet their recovery goals. Each resident's individualized program is focused on ddeveloping skills required to maintain a healthy lifestyle, become gainfully employed and work on their recovery. This sober living house provides a safe and secure environment where residents practice their new life skills in a less structured residential support program.

Our program is targeted for 4 women ages 18 years and older, with dependent children, who are in need of structure to maintain sobriety and be a healthy and nurturing mother. An average length of stay is 12-18 months. We offer support for our residents and their families with a focus on their young children. We help women make positive lifestyle changes on their journey to being a sober, healthy parent. We provide access to services which offer specialized children's and parenting programs. We assist the resident to structure a system of care so she can continue with her normal parenting life activities during this healing process. With the guidance offered in our care and among other peers, residents find the courage and strength to embrace a clean and sober lifestyle, and become the parent their children deserve.

Fathers who have custody or extended visitation of their child may have their child reside at our program. Our program promotes positive outcomes for fathers and their families, such as better father-child relationships, improved communication between dad and the child's mother, and access to various community supports and services.

How you can help

At the Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, we do our best to ensure that our residents have a meaningful and successful recovery program.

We would not be able to provide this highest level of care without the help of our community.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home receives support from generous individuals, corporations, foundations, and other community organizations.

We whole heartedly thank all those who have given their time and financial contributions to assist us in doing what we do best: change and save lives.

JustGive secure online giving

Justgive.org offers secure on-line charitable giving and simplifies the donating process. They are a non-profit organization that offers an easy, quick, and secure on-line server for your charitable giving. You can give what you want, in the amount that you wish, and in the manner that suits you best. You can give monthly, as well as purchase charitable gift cards for family and friends. JustGive provides a tax receipt, to track your donations. Your donor privacy is ensured.

Volunteer at the MOVFH

Volunteering at the Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, is a great opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. If you have community service hours or a school scholarship, we can find ways to help you get involved, as well. If you'd like to volunteer, please use the contact form or give us a call.

Here are some ways you can participate in our life changing program:

Temporary 12 step sponsors/mentors-AA/NA

Misc. filing and light office work
Misc. direct mail campaign
Organize and create Excel spreadsheets for various projects

AA/NA Speakers
Educational Speakers

Arts and Crafts
Fitness Instructors


Assist with planning & coordinating various events

Community Outreach

Distribute marketing materials throughout the community

United Way

Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home is a partner agency with the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley and the United Way of Washington County. You can designate your United Way contribution to our agency and help make a difference to those seeking new life in recovery.


Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home is committed in assisting with structuring you gifts to meet your personal objectives and ensure the maximum tax credit available. We welcome and encourage donations of all kinds; memorial donations, planned giving, life insurance, bequests, property, cash, and securities.

Gifts of Cash
Gifts of cash can be designated for a specific program or project, or they can be unrestricted.
Donations without restrictions allow us to respond quickly to new initiatives and needs.

Planned Giving
Planned giving gifts are commonly gifts from one's assets that occur on death. They are also flexible arrangements and can be designated to provide lifelong income to donors, whole generating gift receipts and significant income tax benefits now. Planned giving offers you flexibility and tax advantage.

Charitable life insurance
A life insurance policy naming the Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home as the owner and beneficiary allows you to make a significant future gift to our organization for only pennies on the dollar and provides tax benefits.

Frequently referred to as "deferred gifts" or "estate gifts", bequests are specified in a donor's will. A bequest can be a specified amount or a residual gift as a percentage of the estate.

Often called "gifts-in-kind", your gifts can take many forms; such as equipment, art, books, real estate, services, stocks and bonds.

Memorial Gift
The most common unsolicited gift we receive is the memorial gift. When a loved one passes away, people may send a gift in memory of that person. Often, it's done in lieu of flowers, as requested by the family in the newspaper obituary.

Gifts of stocks, appreciated assets and publicly traded stocks and bonds can be designated to Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home. A donation of stocks may reduce your capital gains taxes. Advantages and disadvantages of this option should be discussed with your financial advisor.

Meet the Team

The Fellowship Home staff
Steve Bell
Men's House Manager
Patrice Pooler
Executive Director
Brenda Myers
Women's House Manager

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