long term recovery is not just a goal. it's a way of life. 

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The Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home is a place to find freedom from addiction and begin a new life. Our residential recovery programs have helped thousands since we began serving the community in 1971, and our mission is to offer a safe, supportive, nurturing environment for people to loose the grips of addiction within their lives. 

Our hope is that every client will experience the hope and healing they deserve as they are surrounded by those who understand the nature of this illness and the recovery process. 


Our Programs

Our residential recovery programs for both men and women are designed to strengthen your opportunity to regain control of your life. During your stay with us, you will find inner peace and make meaningful relationships with others. 



Our 6-12 month men's program has been the start of a new life for thousands of men since our doors first opened in 1971. Men in recovery from substance abuse enter our program to gain necessary tools to lead a sober, productive and healthy life.


Our 6-12 month women's program is a structured and individualized residential program which provides substance abuse services for females, ages 18 and older. Women in recovery for drugs and/or alcohol enter our program to gain the necessary tools to maintain sobriety and rebuild their lives.

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A new way of life

"After coming to the Fellowship Home, I have learned a new way of life and have regained self-confidence, returned to work, and now have my son back full-time. I am attending meetings regularly and am now capable of sponsoring other women.” -Monica


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we are a refuge and source of hope

The MOV Fellowship Home is a place to begin a new life. Ours is a story of everyday miracles: A sober day reflected in phone calls, commitments, promises made and kept.

Patrice Pooler, Executive Director



Partner with us

Almost everyone either knows someone who has struggled with addiction, or has faced the battle themselves. Research is clear: those with a support system have a better chance at long-term recovery. Our program works because of the incredible people who choose to give their time, talent, or treasure to help others overcome their battle with addiction and begin a new life. 


Get your church involved

Is your church interested in serving as a group? We'd love to have you! 

Volunteer on your own

Can you give an hour of your time? Or spend one day a month with us? 

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Your gift might mean the difference between recovery and relapse.