Our Partners


Our work to help individuals overcome addiction requires both formal and informal collaboration with government, for-profit and non-profit organizations. We are grateful for these partnerships which allow us to provide our clients with the resources they need to become sober, productive members of society. 


The Arc of west virginia

Community service and client needs

Child Protective Services

Family reunification

Children First

Family Reunification

Circles campaign of the Mov

Life skills training

Cox Pharmacy

Medication for clients

Families Forward

Family Reunification

Fourth Judicial Court Public Defender

Legal help for clients

Fourth Judicial Probation

Legal help for clients

Fourth Judicial Parole Office

Legal help for clients

full circle yoGA / project yoga mov

Bringing the benefits of yoga to under-served and at-risk communities. 


Home Base. Inc.

Family Reunification

New Beginnings

Family Reunification

smoot theatre

Community service

SW Resources

Employment opportunities for residents

united way alliance of the mid-ohio valley

Financial partner

Westbrook Health Services

Mental health and substance abuse services

wood county day report center

Substance Abuse services

Wood County Drug Court

Legal help for clients

Wood County Sheriff Home Confinement

Legal help for clients

WV Division of Probation and Parole Office


Financial partner

WVU Extension Service