Long Term Recovery Is Not Just A Goal. It’s A Way of Life.

December 1, 2018 (Parkersburg,WV)--Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home (MOVFH) is the leading organization in the addiction and recovery services for residents in the Mid Ohio Valley. The MOVFH offers five safe, sober and supportive homes for residents that are struggling with addiction.

This year’s Giving Campaign launches today through January 31, 2019. Now more than ever, the Fellowship Home feels the pressure of the addiction epidemic happening in the Mid-Ohio Valley. They need your help to serve more people.

For more than 40 years, the Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home has been a refuge and source of hope for those fighting addiction in the area. Through the facility’s five safe, sober, supportive homes for both men and women, clients receive 24-hour staff support, on-site recovery programming, and community support services for themselves and their children. While clients are required to pay a small portion of the overall expense, the fee is minimal and does not provide adequate funding to operate 365 a year.

Here are just a few examples of how your gift can help:

  • $10 purchases a welcome kit filled with necessary toiletries and basic needs items for a client.

  • $20 purchases basic needs for the homes like paper towels and toilet paper.

  • $50 helps feed an individual in our program nutritious meals for one week.

  • $75 purchases art supplies for a client in our program.

  • $100 will supply gardening equipment and supplies to sustain our community garden for one year.

Your gift may mean the difference between recovery and relapse for a friend, family member, or loved one in need. Please give generously to help us continue this important work in the fight against addiction!

The Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home has helped more than 5500 people in the last 45 years, saving countless families.

“We are grateful for the past support of our community. We have just began this battle against addiction in the Mid Ohio Valley so we are once again asking for your help.” states Board President John Hastie.

The goal of this year’s Giving Campaign goal is $7500. "We were blessed with our anonymous donor which allowed us to set up an endowment at the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation at the end of  2017. We were able to fully fund our endowment with the Give Local MOV campaign in 2018. With the backing of the community we are excited for what is in store for 2019.” states Patrice Pooler, Executive Director of the Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home.

This years giving campaign, Long Term Recovery Is Not Just A Goal. It’s A Way of Life. We challenge community members, businesses and other nonprofits to not only support the recovery community in monetary ways but pledge to help with capital improvements donating skills in painting, carpentry, gardening and more.

We have all seen the effects of addition. This is your opportunity to give in honor or memory of a loved one by visiting www.movfh.org.

You may also make a donation by mail:


1030 George St

Parkersburg, WV 26101

If your organization would like to pledge time to aid in improvements to The Fellowship home or other ways to give this holiday season, please let us know by contacting our Executive Director Patrice Pooler, 304-485-3341, or by email at patricepooler@movfh.org. All contributions are tax-deductible.
The Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home is a place to begin a new life of recovery and has served the community since 1971. MOVFH is a transitional living facility that offers, five safe, sober, supportive homes for folks to loosen the grips of addiction within their lives and is located in Parkersburg, WV and is the only facility in WV that has a men with children recovery home.

Patrice Pooler

"The MOVFH saved my life on January 9, 2004. I was desperate and hopeless and my only peaceful thoughts were of ending my life, so the suffering of others and myself would stop. I left seven months later with every tool I needed to function in the real world. I gained custody of my son back, learned to pay my own bills, became a reliable employee and earned a bachelors degree. But more than anything I learned to appreciate Gods continuous blessings. Everything I have today is because of the bed I got that day. I was taught to step out of the way and allow Gods grace to work."--Lisa, MOVFH Alum

Kristin Meeks

"My life before coming to the fellowship home was filled with lonely despair. I was in bad shape mentally and was considering suicide. I was a purposeless body without a soul, doomed to roam the open Earth living with my miserable self.
The Fellowship home has welcomed me with open arms from the very start. They have given me security while I fight my addiction in hopes to a better life. I am being shown true friendship and love. I am supported while I work the 12 steps.
For this I am grateful. My life today is a true blessing. In the short amount of time I have been here I am already able to see the profound change God has allowed for me. I have become willing to work for my sobriety and open minded to the suggestions given to me. Thank you God for this program." --Brad, new resident of the MOVFH
Help us help bring hope back in to the lives of people like Brad.

Kristin Meeks

"Active alcoholic and drug addict that only lived to feed this addiction. A liar, a thief and a sponge. Came in still under the influence, ready to take suggestions and make a change. 
Am now sober and have been feeling a happiness I had forgotten. Have a sponsor, working steps and attending every meeting I can."--Andrew, resident of MOVFH

Kristin Meeks

"My life before I got to the house was absolutely un-managable. I could not stop using but wanted to. Since I've got to the fellowship home they have helped me get in touch with sober people who live out a spiritually base of life. I have been going through the steps with a sponsor who has worked the steps.
I have been able to live life without drinks or drugs. I've been a son, friend and brother. Been able to do work and think about opening a business." --Watson, MOVFH resident

Kristin Meeks

"Before coming to the MOVFH, my life was in shambles and I was physically and mentally miserable. The MOVFH gave me structure, discipline, and hope thus teaching and showing me how to live again. The MOVFH helped me get my life and happiness back. My life now is nothing short of amazing and thanks to the MOVFH and its staff all they did for me and all they have taught me.I am able to walk through life's rough patches with dignity and a smile on my face." -Heidi, MOVFH Program Graduate

Kristin Meeks

Before I came to the MOVFH its not that I didn't want to be sober but I didn't know how to live a sober life. The only life i knew was the addict life. After coming to the MOVFH I was taught there is another way to live. I was taught principles of like everyone should live by--like honesty, not to be selfish, and faith. Today by applying these principles to my life it has changed my outlook on life completely around. Today I can think of what I can do to help others instead of what they can do for me."-Tom, MOVFH Alumn

Kristin Meeks

"When I first got to the fellowship home I wasn't working and had a small idea of the 12 step program. Since I've been here I've gotten a home group, I've worked the steps and I have a job. I'm learning to balance meetings, my job and social life. I'm extremely grateful for the MOVFH giving me the opportunity to learn how to live again." -Ian, MOVFH resident

Patrice Pooler