"My life before coming to the fellowship home was filled with lonely despair. I was in bad shape mentally and was considering suicide. I was a purposeless body without a soul, doomed to roam the open Earth living with my miserable self.
The Fellowship home has welcomed me with open arms from the very start. They have given me security while I fight my addiction in hopes to a better life. I am being shown true friendship and love. I am supported while I work the 12 steps.
For this I am grateful. My life today is a true blessing. In the short amount of time I have been here I am already able to see the profound change God has allowed for me. I have become willing to work for my sobriety and open minded to the suggestions given to me. Thank you God for this program." --Brad, new resident of the MOVFH
Help us help bring hope back in to the lives of people like Brad.

Kristin Meeks