Our Programs

Maybe he’s your son, brother, husband, father, friend.
Maybe he’s you.
Wanting the turmoil to end.
We can help you return to managing life on life’s terms... Sober.

Men's programs

Our 6-12 month men's program has been the start of a new life for thousands of men since our doors first opened in 1971. Men in recovery from substance abuse enter our program to gain necessary tools to lead a sober, productive and healthy life.

Wilson House

Our 6-12 month residential program is available for men ages 18 years and older, whose struggle with substance use brings them into contact with the legal system.  Our program promotes clients taking ownership of their lives and the choices they make to succeed at breaking the cycle of addiction and contact with the legal system.


Sugar & spice and everything nice
Maybe she’s your mother, daughter, sister, wife
Or maybe it’s you, with all of the strife
We can help you return to sober living... one day at a time.

Women's Programs

Our 6-12 month women's program is a structured and individualized residential program which provides substance abuse services for females, ages 18 and older. Women in recovery for drugs and/or alcohol enter our program to gain the necessary tools to maintain sobriety and rebuild their lives.

Linda's House

Women in recovery for chemical dependence, with the need to heal from the trauma of domestic violence and are homeless or at risk of homelessness, qualify for our long-term residential recovery program. This sober living home provides a safe and secure environment where clients practice their new sober living skills in a less structured residential support program.

Baby dolls and teddy bears
Toy trucks, giggles and grins
Become the motivation for the courage to try again
We can help you return to being the parent your child needs
They’re worth it and so are you.

Clients with Children

Women with Children

Our program is targeted for women ages 18 years and older, with dependent children, who are in need of structure to maintain sobriety and be a healthy, nurturing mother.  With the guidance offered in our care and among peers, clients find the courage and strength to embrace a clean and sober lifestyle, and become the parent their child deserves.

Men with Children

Fathers who have custody or extended visitation of their child may have their child reside at our facility.
Our 6-12 month residential program promotes positive outcomes for fathers and their families, such as better father-child relationships, improved communication between dad and the child's mother, and access to various community supports and services.

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